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Graduate Sales takes great pride in supplying jackets to those who have earned the honor of being awarded an official school letter jacket.

What is Included with your Jacket?
If your school awards you with a letter jacket, you will recieve a jacket with your letter and your insert.  To personalize your jacket and to display honors that you have recieved, we have a wide variety of patches for you to select from for purchace.  If your school does jacket brochure buttonnot provide you with a letter jacket, then you are responsible for the letter jacket as well as the patches.

How do I order patches?
You may order patches on school order dates or by mailing your order form to your Graduates Sales representative with payment in full.  Please get your order in on time.  If you order pathes 10 days after the original order date, your patches will be shipped seperately and will not be sewn onto your letter jacket.  Your patches will sewn on your jacket only if your order is placed during the allotted 10 day window of time.

Should I order patches now?
Yes, and for the following reasons:

  • Your patches will be sewn on when you recieve your jacket.
  • Award patches will be sewn on before before the lining is sewn in; therefore, you will not be able to see stich marks.
  • All patches are color coordinated to match your jacket and letter

How will I know my jacket size?
A Graduates Sales jacket representative will fit you for your letter jacket!  You will actually try jackets on.  We have sizes Small through 7XL.

Can I order my jacket over the phone?
No.  All orders must be in writing.  You can come by our office, mail in your order with a check or money order, or fax us your order with payment in full on a credit card.

What different payment options do I have?

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (any of the four major credit cards)

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